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Rann defends water challenge

SA Premier Mike Rann has used a national water report to justify his River Murray High Court challenge.

The latest report on the National Water Initiative criticises an annual four per cent cap on water trading in some Murray-Darling Basin states.

The report also says progress Golden Goose Shoes in water reform has been slow in all states.

Mr Rann says the findings show a High Court challenge is necessary.

"There are a couple of blocks that remain and the key to those blocks is an artificial impediment on water trading," he said.

'So this report, federally, is a total vindication of our position against Victoria and also the reasons for a High Court challenge."

Mr Rann says the Port Stanvac desalination plant is an example of how the state is working quickly to secure water supplies.

"Powered by renewable energy, that isn't dependent on rain, isn't dependent on the River Murray and it's interesting that only two-per cent of the water in our reservoirs at the moment comes from the River Murray," he said.

"This time last year, it was about 50 per cent."StuntThe Opposition's water security spokesman, Mitch Williams, says the High Court challenge is a stunt.

"Mike Rann has no intention of going to the High Court, he has no case, he's just using that to win a few votes here in South Australia," he said.

Mr Williams says Adelaide's reliance on the River Murray is too strong.

"We are in the process of increasing our reliance on the River Murray," he said.

"That is because this Government has failed with water recycling, it has failed with stormwater recycling and it has failed to get a desalination plant built in a timely fashion."

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