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It is still a cell game built for phones do not matter how many things they port it to it is going to feel like a phone game as will any other phone match ported to other platforms. The scale, complexity, and control's demand to be easy enough to work well on a phone never mind the fact that Mobile games are always free to play. I know Bethesda has made it their mission to slow down elder scrolls and fallout but still they have not fallen to the degree of pick up and play mobile games. Their is a reason why the change is so popular the games you play on that have a much different feel from mobile phone games.

So that you do not want folks to have choices on their device to play? I prefer PC, yes, but mobile is just nice. Can not take my desktop and use it in a car, right? I don't game on a telephone unless I am away from home. Simple as that. You can play the exact same game but on various systems, a location where it isn't mobile versus console vs PC, it is gaming. Yeah, a lot of phone games are shit, but a few are enjoyable. I like Fallout Shelter. It's an easy, casual sport to play on a phone, when not at home.

Basically I enjoyed Skyrim thanks to Ogreboss along with his Requiem overhaul, which is pretty awesome, sadly to make another mods to work with it, is pain... precisely the same with Fallout and Zawinul's amazing Horizon overhaul, same story, it fixes all trash basic survival and game style, sadly it cannot mend stupidiest narrative ever (either way it was entertaining, sadly I can't play ESOM Gold again, to see new features in Horizon 1.6, because I cant stand that stupid story and personalities anymore).Just to enjoy both games at least two times... and I spent modding it longer time, therefore all works great, than I actually played... and I found, there are super amazing games, which dont want it...

Elder scroll matches have been allways weak in battle, but were amazing in Buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold, rpg aspects, options, enormous world. Bethesda dumbs down narrative and rpg facet forcing one to be Nora or her husband, or to be a allmighty dragonborn. Combat is still weak, to say the top... after enjoying Automata or even MHW (omg that's a suitable monster killing)... siiigh... One thing which remains is huge world. Boring and pointless.Seems that just thing flourishing in Skyrim nowadays, and marginally maturing in FO4 overly - are sex mods.
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