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MapleStory 2 conquers the sky and introduces new Soul Binder class

The new Soul Binder class of the sport Maplestory M Mesos for sale is a magic mix of damage dealers and healers who learn ancient spells deep inside the mysterious Halo Mountains. While their magic abilities are still unpolished, players should strive to tap into the catastrophic potential indoors.

Together with the Sky Fortress, the warship from the air, which was known as skies fortress, also a brand new play area was made. With the new place, the epic story continues with new missions imposed on players from the five assembled factions, such as the Royal Guard's honorable warriors, the agents of Dark Wind, and the spiritual wizards of their lumi-nights. Every faction has its own store, unique items, skins, chat pockets, decorations, etc..

Additionally, MapleStory 2 presents a PvP mode where players at the Maple Arena can compete on a one-match foundation and win two out of three rounds, showcase their abilities, and get brand-new PvP gear. As an intermediate into the already published Hard Chaos Raids, Maplers may also try on the recently added Normal Chaos Raids, along with the tricky Adventure game are accommodated to prepare the players to the greatest challenge of the Chaos Raids!

MapleStory 2 organizes a Skybound Celebration Event to observe the upgrade, with Maplers starting at level 10 logging in through the initial month of the upgrade, receiving 30 Elixirs, 30 Master Potions, along with a Level Up Booster Ticket covering their Combat, Performance, and Fishing ability increases.

With the update, joyous events Maplestory 2 Mesos will take place throughout the Christmas season in Maple World. Players can grab heaps of special prizes in Merry Village.

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