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I concur, the airplane thing is outdated now, please take action. Rather, revamp the ferry into orbis. Ensure it come every 5 minutes, like the NLC-Kerning City metro, and make the ride considerably shorter, only a couple of minutes. As an alternative, you could combine Orbis vessel mechanics and the airplane. Allowing individuals to board the ship whenever, and have a timer for Maplestory M Mesos your excursion (everywhere from 1min to 10min, exactly enjoy the airplanes). People come and go as they go into the boat for a ride, they want to after the timer has expired, and they can get off.

Revamp bonus system. Those lines were added while the injury cap was 1mil, and they were not updated when the damage cap was raised to 50mil. Also add an option to allow us to recube bonus pot or with rewards.

At length, revamp mechanics that are buy Maplestory 2 Mesos bossing. Especially, their attacks. In a misguided effort to make them harder, you have destroyed core mechanisms in the game that influenced equilibrium. All%hp boss attacks are entirely unnavoidable, even to skill like SS that were designed specifically to avoid all attacks. CRA bosses cannot be bound by skills, even though there's not any good reason for this. Hp attacks are a mechanic at the first place. Please stop this Nexon. Update all boss strikes, including%hp strikes, to be dodgeable with abilities like SS. Make all bosses able to be jumped, that's the purpose of the skill after all.

Update%hp strikes. They are far outdated in this sport, and they are not reasonable to a number of courses anymore. Anyone with over 200k maplestory2 Mesos hp is completely screwed from%hp attacks because the recovery cap for power elixirs remains 99,999.
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