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center, Malaysia, Fujian Province, Xiamen to sponsor by international bamboo cane. With " new student of green product innovation is vivid " give priority to a problem exhibit [url=]grade laminate floor panels for outside use[/url] meeting ginseng item on display to have: Adornment is decorated kind (window of door of Mu Zhu floor, plywood, facing board, plywood, particieboard, beaverboard, Mu Zhu. ) , mechanical equipment kind (whole set of equipment of plywood of

plywood production facilities and fittings, bamboo, lumber cuts mechanical, woodworker, gardening equipment. ) , category of craft of bamboo cane product (commodity of paper of [url=]garden tongue and groove floors[/url] goods of bamboo charcoal, bamboo shoot, bamboo pulp, Zhu Teng, health care is tasted, handicraft of Mu Zhu cane. ) , furniture kind (family property of archaize furniture, contemporary furniture, hotel and Yuan Fucai expect) . Current exhibit the

business circles public figure that already can have more than 20 countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, United States, Canada, Finnish, polish, Germany, [url=]wrought iron fence with wood panel inserts[/url] Hong Kong, Taiwan and area to be joined on invitation exhibit. The professional public figure that predicts to visit will amount to several person-time with the person that look around. Lumber market will show 3 big characteristics 2002 This year,
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