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Cork floor is different from general wooden floor board, when we are being used daily, [url=]Porch Flooring Tongue and Groove Composite[/url] did not ignore maintain. Its maintain method and common floor maintain very much the same, network of Chinese wood floor is small make up friendship to remind, cork floor maintains notice 5 item.

1, to the cork floor that the surface brushs paint its maintain like be the same as real wood floor,[url=]Best Floors for Outdoor Decks[/url]average half an year hits floor wax.

2, prevent to heat up harm, avoid by all means spends isotherm of hot water cup taller article to be put on the floor directly, lest iron bad surface paint film.

3, floor installation just can put furniture to the floor after 24 hours, [url=]Plastic 2 X 4 Material Low Cost for Sale[/url] 24 personnel decreases to be in what its go up to ambulate as far as possible in the hour.

4, in using a process, avoid to take arenaceous bead indoor, the proposal spreads mat of foot of a loiter in doorway place, in order to reduce sandy soil to the floor wear away.

5, when safeguarding a floor, must not rinse with water,[url=]thermal expansion and contraction of wood and plastic[/url] polishing or with household cleanser cleanness; needs to use only at ordinary times twist dry mop or dishcloth to procrastinate brush, hard the place of rub-up uses special cleaner purify.

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