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improve the original surface roughness, do not miss.3, wool surface grinding aspiration: use a grinding machine on the ground to carry on the fine grinding, precision ground roughness, make the ground around with error control within 2.0 mm.4, the facade product protection: to protect may encounter furniture edges.5, interface agent: roller coating interfacial agent, the first manual coating was carried out on the

corner, this is the best solution to original with self-leveling cement ground agent, ensure that the surface closely with self-leveling cement bonding at the grass-roots level, and have certain moistureproof function.Self-leveling cement: 6, stirring self-leveling cement, must use professional tools of mixing self-leveling cement, the mixing head rotating force under the action of self-leveling cement mixing more even,

more exquisite.7, harrow self-leveling cement: rake flat self-leveling cement: cement mixing is completed, should be poured into the construction site as soon as possible, make the self-leveling cement under windless condition, rake to uniform control of self-leveling construction thickness 2.0 3.0 mm.8, self-leveling cement exhaust: for self-leveling cement exhaust, harrow after, as soon as possible with the

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