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Reporters learned that at 18:00 on December 31, 2016, Kaiping City Public Security Bureau Chikan police station then received a mass report, located in the town of Lingyuan a village of old house was burglary, stolen Pontianak door, God Taiwan couplet, God Taiwan carved a number of ancient furniture,[url=]high quality cheap folding lawn chair[/url] a total loss of about 15,000 yuan.

After the incident, Kaiping police contact with the recent occurrence of several burglary old furniture case merged investigation, set up by the Criminal Investigation and Chikan, Xinchang police station and other departments of the police task force, to detect a series of overseas Chinese old house stolen case,[url=]french cafe table price[/url] Legal rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

In this case, the burglary homeowners are emigrated to overseas Chinese, a typical "blank households", usually responsible for maintaining the care of the old house of Guan, is a few days after the incident found a stolen alarm, so the scene Leaving the clue has been very little. Nevertheless, the task force police or from the investigation site clues to find important clues, and through comparison with other cases, to find the common characteristics of the case,[url=]best lightweight camping chair[/url] identified as the same theft of old furniture gangs.

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