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strict investigation and selection of China wooden doors of 30 companies of member units. These manufacturers on the scale of product quality and service system are more standardized. 2, through the relevant certification inspection of manufacturers control related industry standards are complete and true. 3, pay attention to the door through the installation of the internal parts of the door lock hole, the final checks. We are unable to see manufacturers do, only considering the high visibility Xinyi good brand can be

guaranteed. We believe that a price is reasonable. (five), household hardware (1), the type of hardware hardware according to their different functions, can be divided into ordinary and special hardware accessories, general hardware set in different ways, and can be divided into the hinge slide type, handle, decoration decoration lock several special hardware according to the mode of it; the set can be divided into different types of bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories etc.. (2), the purchase of 1, the purchase

of hardware hinge and slide, it is best to try to pull a few times, feeling its flexibility and convenience. 2, choose the best choice of household lock, feel heavy lock, the lock core material shows more thicker, more resistant to wear, otherwise it's material is very thin, very easy to be damaged. Then look at the lock surface finish, whether it is smooth, no spots, repeatedly opened by a key, see the degree of sensitivity of lock core spring. 3, buy special hardware products, we must first look at whether the appearance of

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