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On the 15th, Zhaoyang Highway Branch hosted the 2017 road life protection project and Zhaoyang District "five small projects" construction "double hundred hidden trouble" investigation will be. Zhaoyang District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Second Brigade, Zhaoyang District Safety Production Supervision and Administration,[url=]cold milling asphalt paving[/url] Zhaoyang Highway Administration Branch Brigade related personnel to attend the meeting.

According to Zhaotong Highway Bureau 2017 road safety life protection project plan, combined with Zhaotong City People's Government "on the" five small projects "construction and" double hundred "hidden danger management work" requirements. Zhaoyang Highway Branch to take the initiative to contact the relevant units to form a road safety hazard investigation work group on the Zhaoma secondary highway (blue grinding line) carried out a detailed investigation of the security risks,[url=]diy pothole repair[/url] Zhaopai secondary highway K1672 + 000 to K1709 +400 within the need to add All kinds of traffic signs, vibration marking, additional reinforced protective wall and other 62 projects into the Zhaoyang Highway Branch 2017 road life protection project,[url=]earthmoving construction equipment[/url] all projects will be reported after the approval of the organization and implementation.

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