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I haven't given up a 2 goal lead, and have came back from being down multiple time. I finally won division 1(proof in my previous post). Plus I just reached elite for the first time in WL. Have never passed gold 2 before. I am not here to argue whether momentum exist or don't, here are some obvious thing I started doing so I could be in control more.

1. As soon as you go up 2-0, no matter how early, go defensive instantly to combat the rush of attack that is most likely coming your way.

2. Anytime you have a one goal lead, as soon as the game hits the 70th minute, go defensive and look to make subs. Most likely you will be able to contain your opponent suddenly attacking momentum, and should be able to hit them on the counter to get that second goal.

As soon as you get that second goal, so now you are up 2-0, shift to ultra defensive. By the way, if you need some cheap fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site U4FIFA. At this point your opponent is going to throw the kitchen sink at you, so being defensive is not enough.

1. Whenever you find yourself down 2-0 early or late on in the game, go counter attack with the d-pad and attacking. This disguise your momentum and your opponent will not notice that you are sending more men forward, and you won't get hit on the counter because you 2 center back stay deep.

As soon as you scored that first goal, your opponent is going to start panicking, shift back to balance, and be composed. Your opponent is going to start making a lot of rush decision and easily turning the ball over. Be patient and go tie the game.

After you tie, you want to shift to defensive anticipating your opponent going on the attack, your job now is just to him on the counter attack to win the game.

Warning: Never park the bus, especially if your not a great defender in the first place. Most of the time it not necessarily the schemes you make that help you combat the momentum shift it just your awareness of what you are doing l, and what your opponent is doing.

Knowledge is power. I hope this help people struggling to break into that next rank.
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