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Write down your penalty sequence before going to penalty shootout and stick to it! You can do the same with saves. I was 5/5 on penalties this WL. Previously I was a nervous wreck and lost 3 out of 4, but now I don't really care anymore. I already know what I'm going to do and I'm pretty much removing the human error aspect. I do not aim at corners, I just move the stick enough to left or right to shoot the ball Past the keeper if he stays in the middle. Someone mentioned it in this subreddit weeks ago, so thanks stranger.

When you feel like you are inconsistent - one day beating any one and any team with ease, but the next day you can not string two passes together, not to mention creating any chances or defend properly - write down what you are doing on a Good day. Do not just make a mental note, physically write it down, so when you have a bad day, read what you wrote. By the way. if you need some fifa 17 coins online, welcome to our site. For example, I have written down: "short, quick passes", "let go of the Sprint button "," triangle is not the only pass button "etc. Even though you probably know how you like to play and what style suits you, your fingers might forget it sometimes. Quick peek at your notes might be all you need to remind you.

Make a conscious decision not to rage. One thing I can tell you - if you rage, you lose. Do not just think that you are not going to rage, decide it, promise it to yourself, make a bet with yourself - whatever Works for you. And when a match is not going your way at all and you feel you are starting to boil, shrug it off. You can easily do it if you decide to. When something shitty happens, I will just chuckle and think " Oh, this silly game "or something like that. I know it sounds stupid, but it works for me.

Besides do you need to do it. Besides the obvious "you might bring it back" and "you can learn from your opponent" reasons, quitting changes you mentality instantly. Even if you do not notice it, subconsciously you Are starting to wait for those 2-3 goals that trigger the ragequit reflex. You will start looking for easy matchups and when you face a seemingly stronger opponent, you do not fight as hard, because you already know, you are going to lose Quick match for good players: if you are winning by a big margin and your opponent is not quitting, do not start to fuck around. Most likely your opponent is trying to figure Out why he is losing.

Respect your opponent. I do not mean dabbing and sushing. Do whatever you want after you score a goal, whatever works for you. More like when your opponent seems like a bad player at the start of the match, do not think that For me, it has got to the point where I will start to profusely apologize in my mind if I even for once think that I might beat my opponent. Maybe I'm weird like that, but but it's going to be an easy win. There is a reason why I do this. I used to lose every game I thought would be an easy victory.

When you boot up FIFA next time, you do not remember any of it. If you find something that you can use, write them down. Use pen and Paper. I have a notepad on my table full of these kinds of tips. I will read them often until I have incorporated these in my game.

If things really are not working out on the day just take a break, watch a movie, go for a jog, I know the weekend league prizes are awesome and all but is it really worth the £ 40 for the new controller? I know Far too many people that have smashed controllers and it's honestly not a healthy reaction to playing a game.

Do not take your foot off the gas! What I mean is that sometimes when you start a game you'll find yourself creating loads of chances and because you're dominant to begin with - you start taking long range shots and trying to score Spectacular goals. Not taking my chances has came back to bite me on the arse more times than I can count - these tend to be the games where I have 20+ shots and he has 1 or 2 and manages to sneak a victory.
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