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Nowadays,waterproof mattress protector become more and more popular, but do you know how to wash your waterproof mattress protector in a correct way? As a waterproof mattress protector manufacturer, here we want to give you some suggestions.

Waterproof mattress protectors are designed to prevent accidental spills, bed wetting, and other liquids from being absorbed into the mattress. Most protectors have a vinyl backing to act as the barrier and protect the mattress, and a cloth top to provide comfort. When accidents occur, it is important to clean up messes quickly to prevent stains from setting.

You should carefully blot up wet areas using dry towels or paper towels. Avoid rubbing the area, as this can cause the liquid to spread and the size of a potential stain to increase. Once the main liquid has been removed, you may want to use warm water and a damp cloth to remove any remaining sticky soda and fruit juices or urine.

For more difficult stains and to prevent undesired odors, use a spray bottle filled with a mixture of a mild detergent mixed with water, or a bleach-free enzyme cleaner mixed with water to treat the area. After spraying the mixture onto the affected area of the mattress protector, allow it to sit for about five minutes before blotting it up.

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