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Halloween is mainly popular in Western countries. According to local customs, on the night of October 31st each year, children wear devil costumes and masks, and collect candies from door to door.

With the evolution of commercialization, the Asian regions influenced by the Western world are dominated by variants such as drag shows, instead of sticking to the themes of ghosts and monsters. The theme of Halloween is ghosts, scares, and things related to death, magic, and monsters. Things that are usually associated with Halloween are pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, elves, zombies, skeletons and demons, as well as fictional characters such as vampires and Frankenstein.

Modern Halloween products also use purple, green and red extensively. Autumn elements such as pumpkins and scarecrows have also become symbols of Halloween. Jack-o'-lanter is the most well-known symbol of Halloween.

We are a company specializing in customized products with mature customization technology. Recently we have launched accessories related to Halloween theme, such as: halloween decorations outdoor,sexy halloween costumes for women,halloween candy,halloween lights, allowing you to spend a happy and unforgettable Halloween.
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