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The best way to capture a flea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is off the head of a flea-infested villager. Talk toNook Miles Ticket and take a look at up for your associates each day--you must be doing this each day, anyway--till one among them complains approximately feeling itchy. Even before you talk to them, you might observe little black dots hopping around them.

All you want to do is pull out your net and hit their head with it. You might want to adjust the distance so you do not by chance pull them into conversation once more, but no need to worry even in case you do--the fleas are not going anywhere.

Villagers generally hate being hit with the internet, however this time they may thank you for "lifting the curse." And you have executed it! You've stuck a flea.

Fleas are available to catch all day, so long as villagers are out to capture them on, however they're also seasonal, which means that you may handiest capture them all through positive times of the Buy Nook Miles Ticket yr. It's April right now, so fleas are energetic inside the Northern Hemisphere thru November and in the Southern Hemisphere through May.
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