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It’s additionally been confirmed that a brand new Trade In Menu can be added to Rocket League Items Rocket League as part of the season three replace.

As Psyonix defined in a large blog publish about this accessible feature: “In the new Trade In menu, you’ll see your tradable stock prepared into three classes: Core Items, Tournament Items, and Blueprints. Your gadgets in every of those classes are prepared by means of rarity. This new menu presentations how many Trade Ins you have to be had, making it a whole lot simpler to trade your gadgets in quickly and successfully.”

We don’t have the overall breakdown of Rocket League season three demanding situations simply yet, however the Psyonix website does promise there may be new weekly demanding situations and season-long demanding situations so one can permit you to free up customisation options free of charge. And there might be even extra demanding situations to be had to Rocket Pass Premium contributors.

The complete list of Rocket League season three aggressive rewards is yet to be found out, but we’ll be sure to replace this newsletter when it is. As usual, you may anticipate a few vast prizes to LOLGA visit the ones hard-operating players who reap the first-class possible rankings before the stop of the season.
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