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There are a whopping eighty fish to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, from Animal Crossing Items massive ocean-residing sharks to tiny tadpoles for your island's ponds. One of the rarest (and most profitable) of those fish is the coelacanth, an historic fish as soon as idea to be extinct in actual existence that is without a doubt nevertheless alive and swimming. Luckily, you do not should do anything extra-unique to capture one; you simply need to maintain a watch on the weather.

Unlike loads of fish, the coelacanth is to be had 12 months-round and always of the day. However, it simplest appears whilst it's raining. Weather in New Horizons is not tied to actual-lifestyles climate, so that you simply need to look out for a random wet day as you play--it could even start or prevent raining at some point of an individual day.

Coelacanth handiest seem inside the ocean, and they're represented by the most important shadow. When it's raining, just go to the ocean and maintain a watch out for massive fish. While you may nonetheless get Animal Crossing Items for Sale the scary sea bass, with a bit endurance, you need to get a coelacanth.
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