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They have like a 100 cameras that click a players photo in a room from every angle that's then digitally altered.

Bro thats exactly what makes me soooo sad about nba 2k21 mt. The center of the game is SUPER FUN. The graphics are receiving lifelike. But they add as much stuff that simply muddles the match.

The second greatest Blazer I can recall in 2K was Aldridge at a 91 in I believe 2k15. Pretty cool to see Dame at this a high score honestly Some people refuse to see Dame as an elite player because he doesn't play in a significant industry. Those people are dumb

He puts him at the best 8 players on the market and keep in mind he is tied with rating from players 5-8.

KD ought to be higher when healthy.

If you are coming off a season ending injury you deserve to be lower than your peak. I don't think you could assert KD coming off the worst accident a basketball player can endure deserves to be higher than 4 points away of their very best possible evaluation.

The ratings when the buy mt nba 2k21 game comes out do not matter that much because they'll still change throughout the year I must respectfully disagree. Especially now without a year happening, this is the precise time to focus on the amazing players that the NBA has had throughout their history.
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