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The amount of people who have 100 millions worth of accessories but cant play the game for shit and are utilizing 2 slot weapons and units is too damn high!

I dont think you get it done mate. They WANT to spend the PSO2 Meseta cash.Meseta seemingly won't transfer into NG, but it should still be there in ordinary PSO2, which is not moving anywhere.

You understand full well the men and women who spend the most money are people who frequently can't afford to. Whaling has been the big controversy of lootboxes since their inception.

Whaling isn't individuals who spend a lot of money they do not have. It is people that have a ridiculous disposable income that spend a crap ton of a match as they have no better use for their money. Their pockets are full of cash like how a whale is filled with beef compared to a fish....

It's spending a ridiculous amount of money no matter whether it's financially inconvenient for the individual or do so.

It's more than that. Someone could fall $1k right now on the buy PSO2 Meseta match, but if they are not spending that same money next month then they aren't really a whale. Whales always spend a ridiculous amount of money on the games and provide the vast majority of revenue for F2P matches (or any games using a CS). Just like, who do you think would be"spending the most money" (as /u/Erit_Of_Eastcris place it)? The man who fell $500 on the game? Or the man who has been invest $150 on the match every month because it was on JP servers?
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