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This gear wasn't discharged for classic wow gold everyone doing AQ40 because launching. It was always meant to be catchup gear for those late to AQ40 in order that they can get in some kills pre Naxx.

I get what you're saying, but frankly I do not think any guild really wants it. Perhaps 1%. On my realm Firemaw, 136 guilds has stepped into AQ40, 127 of them has killed c'thun by now and just 2 from 136 guilds haven't killed Huhuran, which I think is the biggest nature resistance wall to grow?

On top of that, those two guilds haven't logged an aq40 run since 25th of august and 10th of august, so I assume they probably disbanded a while ago.

I mean I really don't think much of anybody is making the complete set, but I made the cloak for my own rogue immediately. Together with the enchant, 35NR+9 stam over Black Baron makes me much more likely to live and keep my fans on Huhu.

Been literally selling those for pennies but yesterday.

On top of that, rapidity is most likely the easiest to get. The"outlier" substance is merely Blood of Heroes, which can be farmed solo in the plaguelands.

But yeah, in case you don't have anything today, obtaining rapidity is the buy wow classic gold easiest solo libram to complete. And epidermis of shadow drops obtained changed with P5 patch. There is no more a Claim that is guaranteed, but I think they do pop up on random supervisors in scholo?

Fire res came with MC and Frost res includes Naxx. .
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