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Idk, retail just feels strange to me. Its like they wow classic gold think they must hold onto a few of the vestiges in the original game but do not want to bother the participant even a little bit so none of it's real content.

The battle isnt the extended grindy leveling procedure that wow classic gold is the challenge is in the end game material that wow classic gold Doesn't Have

Depends on what you would like. wow classic gold's leveling is harder, the raids are a cakewalk, and the story is nonexistant. FFXIV is the precise reverse on all counts.

They do. Blizzard can do 1 week testing every section and start a few weeks after, meaning 6-8 months of PTR then fall.

Doesn't make sense in case the other wings are 3-4 directors each value of mechanics being analyzed but you only examine 1 boss for an entire week for 2 weeks.

Makes more sense to bring it buy classic wow gold sooner than later when we need some sort of resemblance to the original naxx launch, GuildGenerally talking, my answer to fighting burnout would be to go"back to the well".

Ask yourself what got you interested in playing with the sport in the first place. During the periods of your life which you were not active in any type of WoW, what ideas lingered in your memory which made you want to return to re-experience the game?
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