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Ever since that time I was able to gold wow classic grind to position 11 which was a good amount of fun for me personally. Met some very cool people along the way and really enjoyed doing pre-mades together. Now that I have my amazing black war raptor I mostly only farm consumables for raiding twice every week, and do some battlegrounds here and there to eventually get all their tabards.

But the real reason, I believe, you are feeling how you feel, is because at some point you've invested so much of your free time to the game that it's been the one thing you do. And today there's not much left to do in the game, but your mind is so utilized to this game being your primary time spender, which means you keep logging in. Out of dependence.

None of the things you collect now are going to mean anything in a year from now, or even sooner than that. I have a position 14 Rogue that I spent countless hours building to make it strong, but new gamers are able to catch me up much less time than that. And the only thing I really have going for me is my fat lender. But even that'll get invalidated sooner than later.

All I perform is wow classic gold Hardcore mode. Proceed to wow classic for rules and servers . Give it a go, what do you have to lose, your bored, and you'll most likely find what everyone who attempts it does. .

Frankly, the best part of the buy wow classic gold game to me is doing ridiculous things with your char and abusing particular items to make it feasible. Lots of new games either patch out'overpowered' things or are so tuned it isnt possible. After that, swapped to performing lashers + complete DME solo and when I got bored of that went back to trusty Azshara farming.Man it flew by. Your comment is really making it sink in for me. It felt like forever when I was a kid and now we're nearly back to TBC.
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