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In case you're thinking about how this is even conceivable, the appropriate response is a pretty straightforward blend: A great deal of consumables, buffs, theorycrafting, and ice mages MMOBC. The 40-man attack bunch had in any event 12 ice mages, with the rest being generally other spellcasting classes like warlocks and the fundamental number of healers to keep everybody alive. A couple skirmish classes were available, including one tank who might keep Onyxia's consideration and prevent her from assaulting more weak players. The explanation behind this, clarifies Wowhead, is on the grounds that spellcasters aren't close to as influenced by having no apparatus or weapons as skirmish classes. Additionally, during the second period of the battle, Onyxia takes off, so having run spells is an absolute necessity.

The test is that WOW Classic Boosting battle framework is considerably more confounded than it is in the cutting edge manifestation of the game. So as to shield Onyxia from releasing one of her savage assaults on the strike and clearing them out, the single paladin tank, named Berit, needed to keep her consideration the whole time. However, without weapons and protective layer, tanks can't create enough "danger" to keep supervisors zeroed in on them.
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