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This is an interesting thing in this month's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", series of staples Cyrus and Reese participated in a month-long event to celebrate their anniversary. During the wedding season, the two alpacas will take center stage in the entire photo contest, and this challenge will last for the entire month. Continue to visit IGGM for more information and to understand how it all works. How to get ACNH Nook miles Ticket rewards, and the latest developments of heart crystals.

You may also see some strange blue "summer shells". What is going on. First, you need to reach Harv's Island, where Cyrus and Reese are waiting to reproduce their wedding photos, but Harv does not put everything together. Therefore, both of you want you to help them and take photos, probably because Harv is creepy.

Each time you visit, you will get a different scene to reproduce, such as a ceremony or reception. You will be able to use any furniture in the catalog to get the job done, but if you want to please the happy couple, you will need to rely heavily on the pink and white furniture events that Cyrus specially made for them.

It is not very difficult: if it is a reception, please put down the table and chairs. If it's a ceremony, go for it. It seems that the hanging rose decoration is convenient in any case. You will also get a color theme to follow. Reese will ask you to take photos, preferably to make yourself out of place. After completing this operation, she will judge the last photo on the volume.

When finished, Reese will tell you if you are doing well. If you succeed, she will give you a piece of furniture and some Heart Crystals that can be traded with Cyrus in exchange for anything you can use in this scene. You will get more crystals, depending on the number of photos she likes you, the maximum number is 15.

You need to return a few days to get all the rewards, but in the end you will be able to get all these things:

Blue wedding carpet
Wedding table
Wedding decoration
White wedding floor
White wedding wall
Wedding chair
Wedding table
Wedding party wall
Wedding candle set
Wedding flower stand
Wedding cake
Wedding head table
Wedding organ
Wedding arch
Wedding reception
Wedding veil
Brown wedding floor
Brown wedding wall
cupcake dress
Green wedding floor
Green wedding wall
Red wedding wall
Wedding pump
Wedding shoes
Wedding dress
White wedding carpet

There are other projects with special requirements: if for some reason you want to buy Cyrus and Reese photo plates, you can complete six days. On the seventh day, you can get a DIY recipe of the wedding fence from Harvey, which is actually a very neat little thing. On the seventh day, you got your wand from Cyrus. Unless you are truly extreme, this is all you need to complete the activity.

That's it: this is a very simple event, but it may allow you to interact with Harv and Photopia in an unprecedented way: I haven't been to it since the initial tutorial part, but who knows, maybe I will come back. One thing I absolutely love is how it encourages you to go back day after day, and the Nook miles Ticket rally gets the same reward every time.
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