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In Animal Crossing Items: New Horizons, you can visit Timmy and Tommy's store every day to see an alternate variety of furniture, improvement, and more that is accessible to buy. In any case, did you realize you can likewise purchase these sorts of things from the Nook Shopping index that is accessible in the Nook Stop terminal?

The Nook Shopping list is part into various areas. The "Uncommon Goods" segment contains an assortment of things that change out each day (simply like the determination at Timmy and Tommy's store), while different segments permit you to view and re-request things that you've recently claimed (with certain special cases).

As you peruse the Nook Shopping inventory, in the event that you ever discover a thing you figure a companion might want, you can get it for them as a blessing and have it conveyed in a flash, insofar as you have a web association LOLGA. Once more, there are special cases to this, as you can't purchase things that are set apart as "Not available to be purchased."
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