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Just last week, we shared a newly discovered item repeat failure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can copy any 2x1 item indefinitely. This is not the first glitch discovered. Nintendo actually repaired the glitch discovered earlier, but now we have another glitch to try.

This time, YouTube user Do Whatever Games discovered a new malfunction. In the video below, they explain how to use the game's mail system to copy any item that can be sent as a gift to a friend, which may also include the appropriate amount of Animal Crossing Bells

You need to register two or more other players on the island, and you want to send the item of your choice to one of them by email ("Do any game, it is recommended to send 1-3 things at a time"). After reaching your destination, you need to use the Call Resident app on NookPhone to bring the mail recipient player to the game.

Let the mail recipient be the leader and let them open the mail. They should open the gift and put the item on the ground. After that, you should immediately use the Call Resident app to play with other players. Once they join the game, end the session; you should find these items are still on the ground, and if you repeat this process. Your mail recipient still keeps these items in their mailbox in case you want to do it over and over again.

If you are a little confused, you can watch the news article at IGGM to understand all these operations. At the same time, their website is very friendly to those players who are difficult to get ACNH Bells. They provide cheap products for a long time, and players can buy them at a low price. Nintendo is likely to fix this fault in the near future, so what you worry about will be resolved soon, don't worry.
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