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She said she caught one of the costumed Stormtroopers state to one of the individuals in line "when the Empire comes outside, the downpour stops."The army set up a sound framework and played John Williams' foreboding score as the Stormtroopers initially left the theater.Mark Switzer of Severn was one of them FeelTimes. In full Stormtrooper get-up, Switzer said he's been a "Star Wars" fan since the principal made its introduction in 1977.

One Lennon business is assisting with making Homecoming Dresses and tux shopping more affordable.Marla and Glenn Brisbin own 'Diva in a very small space' - a pre-owned dress store in Lennon."There is nothing more great than seeing a young lady leave that changing area and step on that stage; her face illuminates in light of the fact that she found the dress that she had needed," said Marla Brisbin.
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