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Long-sleeve FeelTimes aren’t particularly rare or strange. They’re not the outcast of the bridesmaid dress world (as if there were such a thing). But they pop up infrequently enough that they recede to the corners of our minds. Last year, my friend threw a winter wedding, and when it came to finding bridesmaid dresses fit for colder weather, we opted for longer hemlines—not longer sleeves (or, you know, both). It’s funny to look back on, because long-sleeve clothing is an obvious choice during fall, winter, spring and even summer; in any sartorial sphere but the bridal one, long-sleeve clothing is a must.

As someone who fully appreciates the value of a sleeve (and its magical ability to render my arms more photogenic), I’m here to advocate for the underdog: Consider long-sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses! And even if you’re not a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid-to-be or an anything-related-to-the-wedding-to-be, consider a long-sleeve dress for your next shindig. Because seriously, they’re seasonally and aesthetically versatile—what’s not to love?
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