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As she examined the racks loaded up with somewhere in the range of 250 FeelTimes in each shading and style possible, gathered by size and length, Haley Garcia's brilliant eyes took on an additional sparkle.

The majority of the clothing — mixed drink and tea dresses, outfits, semi-formal wear — is spic and span, or in any event, has been worn just a single time or twice Homecoming Dresses. Commonplace names like Calvin Klein, Liz Clairborne and Jessica McClintock can be found on the labels."I'm looking for homecoming," said Haley, a first year recruit at Central High School. "I'd like a pleasant plain dress with shimmers on it. I think this spot is extremely overall quite something beneficial for young ladies who can't bear the cost of dresses."If it wasn't for the CATique, I likely wouldn't be going to homecoming. So this is an open door for me to go, yet look pleasant."
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