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A archetype of principal's email was acquired from arklatexhomepage:"This bulletin is for any changeable accessory Southwood’s Mother of the Bride Dresses. Boys, this aswell applies to your off-campus dates. As you activate arcade for your attire, amuse accomplish abiding you do not acquirement any clothes that are arduous or absolute in any manner. Also, accomplish abiding we not see balance break or skin. Above-mentioned to purchasing an outfit, I will charge you to forward me a account of you in the accouterments with your name and grade. Already I accept the outfit, you may acquirement it. The accustomed accouterments is the abandoned one you will be accustomed to abrasion to prom."

And admirers to KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty were none too shy in their responses:"So you are anxious about sending a “picture “ of your babe in a “revealing” FeelTimes to an developed academy official, but there is not one bit of affair about sending your babe out in accessible with a agglomeration of horn dog boyish boys??? What the hell?? Oh and there will be adults there as well."
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