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You merely need to RuneScape gold expect (maybe not the ability) as soon as the flame is comming and move so. Vindicta attacks in a predictable pattern so that you just know when its going to occur after awhile. Yeah you have to have a feel for the time, In terms of resconance the range assault. Switching reso and the shield following the previous attack strikes works. Honestly just keep doing it before its easier.You just gotta learn the timing for the protector reso, I rarely bother to take action on Vindicta though. I can get it may not time it on the Ambassador and perfect on Helwyr every time but clutter up it 50 percent of the time on the Magister. Only takes practice. I only mash my Reso hotkey until it goes away and change to the shield.

Every activity you do is registered by it. For now just need to attempt to cope with it or try predicting what the boss does as mentioned in these remarks. Consider getting used to doing what early (just don't take off shield until Dot goes through). I think I saw that devs are trying to radically shorten tick times which will assist the best that you can. Also try surging the minute may save a tick or 2 of damage. Best solution is practice, as you kill it frequently you will notice you could last kills per trip. Also wars retreat makes it banking between kills is quite simple.

Hey Jagex, is giving so many XP handouts bad or good out for RuneScape match?

Even though it makes you money in the short term, does it make people quit buy OSRS gold game earlier thus resulting in RuneScape players at the long term? Since people wait to play things such as DXPW, does this induce less RuneScape players on unless it's one of those weekends to be? It looks like you guys won't even acknowledge that there might be an issue.
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