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Your duty takes you to other areas of Kamas Dofus Retro the World of Twelve in which your life depends on your expertise and ability, and you need to trust that the young ones to do what is right: help the helpless, locate the bow, get that archmonster to get Otomai. You might have a few cadets and help them just like you had been helped back on your Gobball set days. You did look badass in it. Oh, the stories you can tell the upcoming generation! We can see it: you spinning yarns of your exploits with tales of bravery and danger to novice companions.

Where would you begin? The time you stored that helpless merchant? Or duel in which you have your ass handed to you by a older Enutrof? We know some of those stories might be a little difficult for them to think, therefore it's a good thing your place will have your own stories to be supported by plenty of trophies and trinkets. Do you have the remedy to Myxomawosis? You better show off that Wabbit Potion! Whatever you do, be certain that you maintain your place cosy and comfortable. Everything in your haven bag should spark joy...

For this competition that is creative, we would like you to look the interior of a DOFUS Haven Bag in a theme worthy of the 15 decades. Did we mention that there are members of the jury that might have something to do with the true design and installation of the cheap Dofus Kamas Haven Bags in-game? Who knows, maybe your theme might make its way into a few elements of it, or the game, at any stage. There's just one way to find out: allow your creativity run wild!
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