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To prevent Sylvanas from destroying Azeroth, players must risk entering the country of shadows. And assist the alliances and tribes here restore their original order. As Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said, Vanilla WOW Gold Shadow Country ought to be a large community that operates methodically within a majestic order. Here, the dead soul is going to be sent to different realms based on the actions of his life. But Sylvanas-windruner broke the transaction with the help of her mysterious partner, making everything messy. Now bringing the many dead souls into her body, her body's a powerful space that can't be escaped, and also this behavior-like Sylvanas becomes extremely powerful.

It's unclear what Sylvanas did for this function, but this is simply not a good thing, so players must form alliances and restore balance with all the different covenants located in the Shadow State to determine friendly relations of friendship.

World of Warcraft: New Area inside the Shadow Zone
wow: shadowlands has entered several new areas in this particular new version, which will probably be the levels that players pass through from the set order. There is also a new central player center, called Oribis, and also a maximum level called Maw.

The fort may be the first area where players will venture. It is Kirian's hometown along with the ancestral angel of Valkyan. It's a bit being a paradise inside the shadow zone, where noble souls arrive at meditate, freeing themselves in the chaos with their past lives. The messenger of light, the famous paladin Uther lives here.

Maldrax would be the home from the undead. Although they really are a terrible, demon-like species, they're not inherently evil. Mardrax houses military power inside the shadow zone, in addition to their society is created around honor and power, Cheap WOW Classic Gold. It is just like the undead zone from the Western Plaguelands.
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