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Blizzard revealed the test content of World of Warcraft 8.3 version very early. In this test content, the next ally of the two camps was also determined.

From the moment World of Warcraft version 8.0 "Battle of Azeroth" was opened, players were guessing the new alliance races of both sides. After the release of version 8.0, the Dark Iron Dwarf, Maghan Orc, and Kul Tiran were added. And Zandalari trolls. With the 8.2 release of the Alliance Alliance, which is basically locked as a mechanical dwarf, the Horde side still has no clear direction. Some players believe that it is Hai Goblin, and some players think it is a fox. Until some time ago, the Horde side was next. The Confederate race is finally identified as the Foxman. If players are suffering from the lack of World of Warcraft Classic Gold in the game, they can go to mmowts to buy the cheapest Warcraft vanilla gold, which will not only save you a lot of time and money, but also save you a lot of energy.

In fact, when the foxman appeared in version 8.0, players felt that the foxman would become the ally of the alliance. However, as the story progressed, the alliance attacked the foxman camp, which also pushed the foxman to the tribe completely. Therefore, the foxman Being able to become a tribal alliance race is not so out of harmony. The only problem is that according to previous practices, the alliance race and the core race are the same origin, and the foxman and the goblin do not seem to have too much relationship. If you force the common ground, The only thing in common is that the foxman uses a goblin skeleton. It is estimated that Blizzard felt that no one was willing to play the goblins, so he did not use the sea goblins, but used the foxman who was more pleasing in appearance.

Although joining Fox People is very worthwhile for tribal players, joining Fox People will undoubtedly affect the proportion of camp population in future versions. As we all know, the ratio of World of Warcraft tribes and alliances has been maintained at 6: 4 for a long time, and the number of blood elves alone accounts for almost half of the tribal side. It can be seen that the length is very attractive to players. In this case, the new races of the Alliance and the Horde ask the mechanical gnome and the foxman respectively, and it is self-evident that players will prefer it. Buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold now and get 8% off, and also get the chance to get a lottery ticket.

In addition to appearance, a race must have more optional occupations in order to prosper. Among the two new alliance races, the mechanical gnome has 7 optional occupations and the Foxman has 8 optional occupations. In addition to the Cavaliers, almost all regular professions are included, which will also attract more players to choose Foxman. So no matter how you look at it, the Foxman will become a race with a larger number of people in the future. Although it cannot surpass the blood elves, it is not a problem to rank second.
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