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Inventory probably the most useless equipment in World of Warcraft 2

Cloak of Rot
At first glance, this can be a very low-level prop. In fact, the Cloak of Rot and several other items in World of Warcraft Classic come with an amazing feature, that's, when players wear this cloak, they're able to reduce the actual ability in the player. It does slow up the state of the character putting it on. Due to this retrogression, this item continues to be removed in subsequent updates. But this just illustrates how useless some in the projects in Vanilla are. The Rotten Cloak is extremely useless, because it is a green item that removes one of one of the most important attributes-stamina-when upgrading.

The Lion Horn of Stormwind
Items like Storm's Lion Horn sometimes cause you to wonder if your game is serious. Add these useless circumstances to the game. The role of The Lion Horn of Stormwind in the action is to employ a 1% opportunity to increase the force importance of all members in today's camp, each member increases about 250 points of force value, as well as the effective time lasts about 30S. Speaking of useless Warcraft items, this place is probably essentially the most popular. Despite a legendary drop, suggesting an effective effect, The Lion Horn of Stormwind is useless in any way. Its prospects for activation is 1%, that's almost impossible in World of Warcraft. When it happens by chance, the 250 armor gain looks really low, and players have a tendency to think that Blizzard forgot to incorporate a zero towards the end. Generally everyone enjoys it and have it with the auction house in substitution for Classic WOW Gold.

103 Pound Mightfish
103 Pound Mightfish has never been used being a weapon. However, its existence causes it to be worth mentioning with this list. This item is acceptable for an off-hand weapon slot, and can definitely not provide additional damage or statistics. It's not even worth trading along with it because it will cost you 2 World of Warcraft Classic Gold, so it will be best to save it like a prank to show off to friends. To catch this type of fish, you should be sufficiently fortunate to get catch it, since it is an infrequent fishing method.
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