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Stormwind is a place name in MMORPG "World of Warcraft". It is one of the five main cities of the alliance and belongs to the main city of human beings. The Stormwind Kingdom is a jewel of Azerothian power in World of Warcraft. This ancient and majestic human city was devastated in three wars. All treasures, including Cheap WOW Classic Gold, were looted by the orcs. Finally, the alliance repelled the invasion and recovered the lost land. Despite being a human city, Stormwind also provides homes for respectable dwarves and a few elves. It allows members of the alliance to trade within limits. The taxes paid by the merchants filled the city's vaults. Stormwind Kingdom has a pleasant climate, clear skies and spring-like seasons.

Needless to say, Stormwind is a human city. Of course, residents call this an alliance city, high elves, dwarves and some mysterious night elves from the west. All in all, Stormwind is a human city. Due to the weather, most of the people's clothing is made of thin cloth. The colors chosen are also eye-catching: white, red, blue, orange, yellow, and so on. Humans usually wear long-sleeved tunic, loose pants and leather boots. Sometimes these clothes are ridiculous, and they wear soft hats on sunny days. High elves are dressed almost like humans, although as far as I know, some high elves still like to wear their own clothes.

Although Stormwind has good protection facilities, the city's guards usually wear light armor to facilitate the arrest of occasional thieves or robbers. The Paladins are fully armed during the ceremony and when they defend the Elwynn Forest or surrounding areas (these armors are made by skilled artisans in the forest using various precious equipment and debris), but near the city, they Wearing costume that indicates Paladin. It's not enough to have Classic WOW Gold in the game. If you want a precious weapon, you need at least all kinds of rare fragments and enough gold to make a good weapon.

At the same time, I also learned in the game that there is a third force in the city dedicated to maintaining peace. The assassins I know in my experience are evil people who commit crimes against their own will, but it is clear that the assassins here are different. Presumably, the assassin's guild, where it is said to be in charge of intelligence, was operating behind the scenes, following instructions from the King and Stormwind City Council. When you need to deal with difficult issues that violate the Holy Light principle, you will use the "Assassin of Stormwind". They deal with things quickly and efficiently with little doubt.
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