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Europeans generally consider druids to be proponents of nature and neutrality, and to treat the entire wasteland as a hermit to their homeland. They give their special power to protect nature and balance the entire world. In modern fantasy literature, druids are admirers and defenders of nature, and they can fight with any force in order to protect nature. And Druidism uses acorn as its sacred fruit, so the ancient meaning of Dryad's name is someone who is familiar with the oak tree. The famous "Merlin" during the period of King Arthur is said to be a wizard with extraordinary mana. In fact, he should be a druid with considerable practice. The word "Merlin" originally referred to those druid shamans who were proficient in poetry and divination. If you want to get WOW Classic Gold For Sale, ZZWOW will be your best choice. Here you can buy the cheapest equipment and items, and also secure transactions.

In the first century, the Romans attacked the Druids' Celtics. The Romans, the victors, blood-washed the Druids. The Druids were massacred by the Roman soldiers who stormed into the mysterious forest. The Holocaust stunned the Druids, and the Druids dormant from then on. The later Druids only appeared in folk songs and poetry. In the centuries since then, their prestige has fallen to the status of an ordinary wizard, and the former glory is gone forever, only to sing sad elegy alone.

So, from then until today, the druid gradually ceases to look like a religious or historical noun, and has become a mythical character. Today, we can see their imitators in some interesting retro sports, but what really affects us is still the wind and rain caster in the game. Most of the druids in modern fantasy literature and games are based on legends before the first century, and gradually evolved into a mysterious organization with natural power.

Selection method
It can be said that the selection of druids is very cruel. It is said that there are three tests, drifting at sea for many days (without the help of others), buried alive, etc. Therefore, very few people can survive, and the results are relatively It is very desirable and proves that the ability to integrate with nature can serve as a prominent clergyman in the Celtic nation (the king needs to consult their opinions on major matters). If you don't want to waste a lot of time in the game planting WOW Classic Gold, there is no doubt that ZZWOW.COM will be your best choice!
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