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The idea at the moment is Kamas Dofus Retro for my Osa to become Int (to cure the sac and sustain) with perhaps another component to clog the battlefield and to get additional harm also giving the Sac things to play. Now the Sac was Chance/Agi theoretically strengthening the keep in the Osa however I am quite open minded, so much so that the idea of scrapping the Osa and Sac all together seems nice to me.Osa is just one of my favourite courses but I honestly don't like this rework.

I enjoy playing Osa, Sram, Iop, Sadi, Ougiak and Rogue (probably in that order) but such as the Idea of a comp that is Flexible and effective. I have Been having a bit of trouble grinding and do not know where to degree or the way to approach this dilema. Any thoughts would be quite appreciated. Forgot to mention my Osa is lvl 191 and My sac is 174 at the moment.

Osa is atleast like bottom 6, or one of the pvm classes. So don't hesitate to course change. Sacrier isn't too great nowadays either but it's still decent. Sacrier doesn't require a course to support him. He has a great deal of free recovery with AoE life steal spells and free damage decrease. As well as many many movement spells so he doesn't require the help of a course to position for him. The best duo for a sac is something which can also do damage so stuff dies faster.

There is many excellent option, pretty much many courses. Panda is a good choice for any team. If you'd like something a bit more"creative" then it is possible to buy Dofus Kamas go rogue, this has some minor synergy as sac can move around enemies into bomb walls easily. But any harm dealer, iop, cra, hupp, Eca, sadida, Sram, ougi etc. they are fine.For components, I don't know about osa so can not comment. Regardless of the most damage, probably chance but I might be incorrect.
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