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ANY solar water heater factory in Atlantis is to the brink of closure as well as its 85 employees have not been paid for 11 weeks, due to the collapse of government’s National Photo voltaic Water Heater programme.

A minimum of six other solar waters heater manufacturers countrywide can also be facing job cuts.

The national programme started truly as an Eskom rebate scheme to replace recent electrified geysers with solar water heaters so as to reduce the demand for power on the national grid. The first target was one zillion solar water heaters by 2014. Only 400, 000 gadgets were installed under the particular rebate programme and throughout 2015 the Department regarding Energy (DOE) took them over and changed the focus to providing sun water heaters to state-subsidised as well as unelectrified homes, setting a different cumulative target of A SINGLE. 75 million units by 2019, and five zillion by 2030.

The establishment and growth on the Isolar factory in Atlantis, and at least six other solar mineral water heater manufacturers nationwide, was nurtured through the state programme, which also stipulated that 70% of the solar water heater components must be locally sourced.

But when presenting its annual performance plan to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee in Energy in April, the DOE said the 2018-19 plan for the National Solar Waters Heater programme was R0. It was before R394m in the last financial year. Yet, the particular department reported, only 87, 000 solar water heaters had been manufactured. Furthermore, the installation phase in the programme had not occurred at all. The solar water heating units are sitting in various storage facilities throughout the country.

Isolar general director Andre Fourie said this National Solar Water Heat tank programme was “in hypothesis, beautiful”.

Fourie said it had allowed Isolar to grow from 15 employees within 2016, to 85.

But he said stuff had started imploding in November a year ago when, after the factory had delivered its past purchase order, no additionally orders came.

Later in December the company received a letter from your DOE asking about it has the capacity for repair as well as replacement of solar normal water heaters.

Fourie said he have believed the department has been instituting the repair plus replacement programme while “sorting available the political shenanigans” (former President Jacob Zuma were ousted as president belonging to the ANC in December, supplanted by Cyril Ramaphosa, indicating a shift in power plus the possibility of a showcase reshuffle).

He said the fix and replacement programme had been within the company’s tender award, hence no new procurement ended up being necessary. Briefing notes was sent, and the repair in addition to replacement programme was thanks to begin on 6 February. This was then transferred to 22 or 3 February, then to 20 March. Then all verbal exchanges stopped. “There was practically nothing. ”where to find a good solar water heater

In early April Isolar was informed the original tender cutoff date, THIRTY-ONE March, had been overlooked, which meant further requests for proposals related to supply, or repair in addition to replacement, were cancelled.

Administrative staff manning this phones at Isolar using a voluntary basis and hoping for good news from the DOE, said that without salaries several of their colleagues were going through eviction from houses or even rooms they rented as they quite simply were not able to pay for their rents. Others had used their own job to extricate themselves on the drug and gang lifestyle suffusing poverty-stricken Atlantis and were now having to sit at home throughout the day and were being dragged on the underworld.
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