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Experts Warn that Real Sex Dolls Can Turn People into Fatal Deaths?

Sharkey had previously warned of the dangers of sexual robots in the responsible Robotics Foundation. In an article published in the Sex Dolls, Sharkey talked about the possible harm of sex robots. He said that pedophiles use robots that are shaped like children, while rapists use unacceptable robots. In the documentary "Sex Robots and Us," Sharkey expressed new concerns about the impact of the technology on society. Of course, Shaki is not the first and not the last scientist to resist robots. Oliver Bendel, a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland, warned that human sexuality, especially in men, has physiological limitations. Because Mini Sex dolls have the potential to never tire, they may expose users to the risk of being overworked.

Sex robots have not yet become mainstream because they have never really touched women. The company has between 300 and 400 orders per year, less than 10% of which are orders from women or couples. But McMullen said that women’s interest in Henry has greatly increased. The company said that one day Henry will talk to you, understand your desires and fears, embrace you, love you, and of course, have a closer relationship with you.


Although many scientists have contradicted this, there are still obvious potentially harmful side effects, but this does not prevent sex robots from becoming a lucrative industry: currently, there are about five companies around the world that produce Silicone sex dolls between 5400 and 15000. . Between the US dollars. Many European countries are exploring their application markets, not just for personal use. For example, in Germany and Austria, the use of sex robots in sexual services is legal. Not long ago, Paris opened a new Xdolls to provide pornographic robot services to its customers. Although many locals opposed it, it did not close. At the end of last year, a survey conducted by Havas, a Paris-based media company, found that 27% of people in the 18-27 age group like to connect with robots. Another study conducted by the University of Manitoba in Canada in 2017 also showed that people who interact with robots rather than people are growing rapidly. According to foreign media reports, this 3,375 euro interactive robot is designed to provide customers with a more comfortable environment. According to a recent user feedback survey conducted in Austria, despite the high price, the sex robot is more popular than a prostitute in a local brothel, and the user's feedback and experience with Samantha is better than the actual person.

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