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The principle of treatment with sclerosis is based on the injection of a product that irritates the vein, thus causing inflammation. Redness, painful nodules to the touch, swelling and pain are therefore logical reactions.

How can these disadvantages be reduced?


To reduce local phenomena, it is advisable to wear a class 2 compression for 1 week after the session.

And since Sclerotherapy Recovery is an injection into a vein, it can result in a hematoma. Especially if you tend to get easily ... In this case, apply an ointment Voltarene or Cicabio or Hirucreme. These blues will leave without sequels.

Sclerotherapy Solution technique can also be a source of minor discomfort: brown spots, efflorescence of small capillaries, cutaneous necrosis. All this will be repaired during the session following the treatment. However, if anything seems abnormal, you should contact your angiologist. He knows the peculiarities and possible effects of the product used to treat you and will do the right thing.

Can sclerotherapy reduce pain, heaviness and leg swelling?

YES, in 70% of cases according to a multicentric study (Weiss et al), but this result cannot be guaranteed.

How long to see a complete result on a varicose vein?

Sclerotherapy Before And After; on an average it takes 3 months depending on the size of the vessels. But in 3 weeks, we have a good idea of the effectiveness of the Laser Vein Treatment. In fact, it is useless to practice a session every week, some veins will not even have time to disappear.

How long between two sessions?

The figure recommended by all learned Vein Clinics Of America is about 3 weeks.

Is it definitive?

The treatment of a varix is definitive but not the treatment of the venous disease. Regular monitoring should be done as other varicose veins may appear at your own pace.

Laser Ablation Before And After treatment?

You must not play sports for at least 48 hours after a session. Sometimes more if treated veins are important.

Sun and UV are not recommended until hematomas and reactions disappear. This can leave indelible stains.

Direct heat and hair removal are not advisable until the sclerosis-related reactions disappear.

In addition, waxing with hot wax can cause the appearance of micro-varicosities. Your beautician will advise you.

We propose to our patients the laser therapy which clears the small varicose veins. Patient can cmpare results of Laser Ablation Before And After.

In total

The consequences of sclerotherapy can be confusing for those who do not practice it, it is recommended to contact as much as possible with the practitioner who performed the act, or failing that with another specialist competent in the matter. More often than not, there will be nothing more than reassuring explanations for the patient, but if a genuine complication happens on a case-by-case basis, it could be handled in a suitable way and without delay.

Visit us for more details about the veins problem and the best suitable treatment. We are in this field since long and treated multiple patients.

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