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There are many different sizes of PVC tube. Some are tiny, at 1/2", yet others are huge at 12". The problem is that what the market calls a 1" pipe is not actually 1" in diameter. Due to this confusing issue, many of our customers ask us, "What will be outside diameter of PVC water pipe? " If you have the identical question, it can be answered by the chart below. Keep reading to educate yourself why the outer diameter, or "OD" of PVC pipe is not the same as what the name says.

Is there a OD of PVC Pipe?
The outer diameter of PVC pipe is really slightly larger than what it is name says. This is because PVC pipe and fittings utilize a nominal system. That means that compatible parts receive the same name, so all 1" pipe can fit in 1" fittings and so forth. The measurements in pipe names are the PVC nominal pipe sizes, however , not how necessarily how far they will measure across. This is a new confusing concept, but the point of that nominal system is to make selecting the right parts easier.

PVC Pipe OD Monitor
The PVC pipe OD chart below shows the nominal size belonging to the PVC pipe on the left and the actual OD on the correct. As mentioned before, the OD for schedule 50 and schedule 80 PVC pipe are always the identical.

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