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The ‘Garageio’ system features the BlackBox hardware Wi-Fi interface along with a free iOS / Android iphone app (Windows Phone coming). Compatible using a large list of garage doorway opener manufacturers and models, the system allows you to control and monitor up for you to three sectional or single panel doors from anywhere on the globe from a single unit. Furthermore you can give access to (and log the activity of) as long as 10 other users for each door so you get push notifications to your iPhone or Android device if your door is left start.
While similar to our individual IP Garage Door Control, Garageio is more of an appliance you could set and forget and removes the importance to administer various components and services that is often the downfall of the harder DIY approach. We asked Zach Cochran within the cloud service aspect of Garageio if there are any plans for an API to integrate together with other home automation system and he told us…

The Garageio program is built atop a highly-scalable, open-source platform which has the ability to spool up or down based on demand. For security purposes, each of Garageio’s service software is custom built and doesn't rely on any third-party services. All of a user’s info and activity are 100% contained within our technology. We have not firmed " up " our plans for an public API though were are in talks with many awesome services which facilitate crosstalk among separate systems/services. We hope to finalize our integrations within the next month.

Alottazs say they want to fulfil their first orders from their Fundable campaign by early 2014. Further product will be available after that for around $149 plus they hope to be selling with Europe in 2014…

We have been discussing Europe/selling internationally plus its definitely on our radar. We plan to tackle the united states first, moving to international revenue early 2014.

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