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Report Around the Air Quality Clean Up In our Offices
Gray IQair Health Pro Air cleaner
IQair Health Pro Air Cleanser
As I told you within the last newsletter we had been suffering inside our new offices. The air quality was terrible and yes it had a smoky stale fragrance. We were dry coughing plus had itching eyes and WE, among others, had trouble deep breathing.

The Steps We Took:
Took baseline air quality readings with an air particulate monitor with a week’s period at 5 regions both inside and outside our building. We have highway site visitors, a repair garage and university bus parking nearby. In other words the air quality outside is very terrible.
Installed 4 IQAir Healthpro And also and 3 IQAir Multigas cost-free standing air purifiers in 4300 square feet of office space.
Went on further air quality readings by using our particulate monitors.
Got 4 competing bids out of NADCA members in Massachusetts (where prohibited located) for duct work maintaining.
Had the ducts cleaned.
Procured post duct cleaning readings.
Installed Guardian electrostatic air and furnace filters for the roof our building and outside intake.
Installed filters at your interior returns.
The Results
The inside office air baseline tellings before intervention were about 400, 000 to 600, 000 dust (greater than. 3 microns) for every cubic foot, with outside psychic readings varied from 5 to 13 million particles (greater than. THREE microns) per cubic foot.
Our own inside registers/vents were averaging A FEW. 5 to 6 million particles higher than. 3 microns, dumping filthy air at an incredible rate into our office via 49 registers.
We put our IQAir air purifiers on high(6) at night and low(3-4) during the daytime. The air coming out of these machines registered ZERO on some of our monitors showing their superb proficiency, but the onslaught of dusty air was too intense for even IQAir to receive the level of air quality listed below 100, 000 particles greater as compared to. 3 microns per cubic foot. on a good day, that's achieved WHEN WE TURNED YOUR FAN OFF. Mostly our tellings were around 200, 000 and in some cases 300, 000 particles greater when compared with. 3 microns with the admirer on. When the fan has been off, we felt colder and people were complaining that him and i should turn up the heat. The IQAirs were reducing this particulate count by 80 for you to 90 percent, but the baseline rate of recontamination was too big. We needed to attack the supply of the dust.
We went with a NADCA registered duct cleaning provider. After comparing quotes and what can be done for the money, we went which includes a mid range quote. It took 6 men IN SEARCH OF hours (54 man hours) to completely clean our duct work which included a number of the next door office suite. I was around for most of this operation to see the process. Their HEPA vacuums were the size of a large office counter. They snaked into the ducts in addition to scrubbed the duct walls along with hand cleaning and washing just about every register. They then peered down the ducts with a video camera device to make certain everything was clean. They sprayed the interior in the ducts with EPA approved biocides. The HEPA filters which had to be replaced along the way general health clogged up even so the air was filled with dust and remained that way for a couple of days until our IQAir air purifiers cleaned the air. The company doing the cleaning said the ducts hadn't been cleaned in 20 years. The dust was 4 to 6 inches thick included in the ducts and was the clear reason for the poor air quality within our offices.
We checked our air quality one week later. The monitor registered 34, 000 particles above. 3 microns per cubic feet, WITH THE FAN RUNNING consequently we had exceeded our aim. We have reduced our a higher level particulate contamination by over 95%. It's going to never be perfect, as were constantly reintroducing pollutants into our offices.
For icing on the cake so to prevent further dust from accumulating from the ducts we installed our electrostatic Guardian Furnace Filters around the roof. The results of the Guardian filters are going to be tabulated over the next thirty day period.


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