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The kind 10 Scharfenberg coupler is included in almost all national railways, even in high-speed applications. This coupler is characterized by its especially high-strength plus a large gathering range laterally as well as vertically. This coupler has been the standard on high-speed trains since 2002 along with has now been incorporated to the TSI Standards. The Type TWELVE can transmit a buff insert of 1, 500 kN as well as a draft load of 1, 000 kN.

Modular transitional coupler
Transitional couplers are used when vehicles have unique variations of couplers or coupling heights, at the. g. when shunting and towing. So far, this frequently required special models. The new, modular transitional coupler separates different components into two separate minds and an adapter that kinds the step. The two separate heads can be connected to one another right. This makes it possible for you to combine coupler heads of all kinds and at different heights without difficulty into an transitional coupler.

CFP transitional coupler
When towing is recommened or when shunting, transitional couplers are often attached to the train for a short time period by the operating personnel. This is why, they should be light but still withstand the high managing loads encountered when towing complete trains. In order to reduce weight even further, coupler bodies might be constructed from CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced polymer) nowadays. Until now, this high-performance material continues to be used primarily in aviation. Place tests have provided results that demonstrate its performance capabilities. These may be optimized even further through processing.

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