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About this game
You are an exile, struggling on the dark Wraeclast continent, because you gain power in battle, allowing you to truly retaliate against those who marry you. Created by hardcore gamers, the road to exile is an online action role-playing game with a dark ancient myth as a story background. With the core of large battles, powerful objects, and deep personalization, it brings a wonderful visual feast to the players. The road to exile is not fully discovered, and if you don't pay it, it will never succeed.

main feature
free. power. revenge.
In the dark, cruel world of Wraeclast, your crimes are exiled and you can play the role of the duelist, witch, ranger, templar, predator, shadow or scion. From the abandoned coast to POE Items the Sarn area you destroyed, discover Wraeclast and find the old secrets that await you.

Unlimited role customization
Create and customize a variety of unique blends of capabilities from tradable itemized gemstones and our large passive skill tree. Combine the ability to diamonds, support gems, and trigger gems to blend your specific power, protection, and destruction.

Deadly mission
The Forsaken has mastered each of their challenges, with several versions for each mission. As you delve into Wraeclast, the accessible variant libraries are increased to challenge you in Buy POE Currency new ways. All tasks and their versions can be found everywhere in the game, including internal abandonment of sports maps.
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