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HYT Skull Vida Watch

The swiss replica watches brand HYT likes to call itself "Hydro Mechanical Horologists" because they are the first watchmakers who still use liquids to express their time. The hyt skull watch collection is the most abstract brand. The large HYT Skull watches not only display hours through liquid tubes, but their dials are huge, face-to-face skulls. In the case of the new HYT Skull Vida watch, you can add a dial carved from the ivory ivory to the main points and controversy.

As you would expect, it is not easy to try to measure the size of 50 mm with a motion that can display time while operating the liquid. Therefore, HYT watches are usually highly technical and complex. However, this does not mean that the brand cannot be philosophical. When launching the first watch in the Skull series, HYT wanted to remind the wearer that the time was short and short. Subsequent versions have been based on this idea. However, their latest collection, HYT Skull Vida, is the most compelling.

Like the other watches in the Skull collection, the new HYT Skull Vida is a large 51 mm wide and nearly 18 mm thick watch. It is finished in a black DLC titanium case with brushed and micro-sprayed finish. It also has a large screw-in rubber-coated crown and a spiral sapphire case back. Despite the screw-in assembly, the water resistance is only 50 meters. The bezel is marked with hours, and the 6 o'clock position is a black large DLC titanium alloy protrusion that has become the hallmark of many HYT series.arnold and son watches

Although this series of watches is very familiar, its dial is outstanding. Of course, there is a prominent skull, but this time, the skull is made of ivory, obtained from the Siberian long-haired mammoth, making the dial milky white. But more importantly, the decision to use ivory from extinct mammoths is particularly painful - if not controversial - and can be interpreted as reminding the wearer that our time on Earth is limited, we must make the most of it. . It seems that the skull itself is not enough. Further pushing this news home is the expression of the skull, which is different from other watches in the skull series. If you look closely, its eye sockets are round, which makes it look even more sad.

According to HYT, ivory must go through a stable process that takes several months to be carried out by master craftsmen. Given the rarity of mammoth ivory and the lengthy preparation required, the engraver must be very careful when making the skulls used in these watches.

The time was told on HYT Skull Vida in the same way as other HYT Skull watches. A thin capillary made of medical grade glass is folded to form the outline of the skull. It is then filled with two immiscible liquids, one black and the other transparent. Read the time by looking at the position of the black liquid relative to the border. There is no separate minute or second indicator, so to some extent, the HYT Skull Vida watch is like a one-handed watch that only displays hours. To complete the look, Skull Vida features an embroidered beige fabric strap and a black DLC titanium buckle.

The liquid in the capillary is completely manipulated by HYT's own hand-wound mechanical movement. It has an oscillation frequency of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 65 hours. The movement can be seen through the back of the sapphire case, which has a hand-cut bridge and is decorated with a Geneva ripple pattern.

With its exotic mammoth ivory dial, the new HYT Skull Vida watch is easily one of the most interesting watches in the HYT Skull collection. It is also one of the most controversial because the ivory trade is a controversial subject, especially for animals that are rare and extinct. Despite this,devon watches, HYT's design, boldness and bluff must be praised. Due to the rare mammoth ivory, Skull Vida will be the most unique watch of HYT.

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