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I believe Blades are going to be a fantastic match, I think that ESO Blades Gold has educated Bethesda a few items and I think that may be one reason it's been delayed. I don't quite understand why Bethesda is getting so much despise, in my opinion they published one fair game ( The Elder Scrolls ) and one lousy match ( The Elder Scrolls ). Another thing to note is that Fallout has ever become the adoptive child of Bethesda, together with all The Elder Scrolls getting all of the attention, I think that it's quite clear they use the Fallout series to test mechanisms they might want to add into a prospective name.

You be click baiting me because in the event that you look forward to this crap, damn, I thought wrongly of you. Yeah, I like to comment before viewing the movie, so that you better be joking because if not, your image would crumble in just 11 minutes and 35 seconds to me. Bethesda is fucking dogshit, look ahead to anything is like all the fucking idiots hoping for a good EA merchandise. Like the recent Anthem and 20$ shitty makeup for a full price game (and of course The Elder Scrolls Blades is not even out yet!) . Bethesda wants easy money and they don't give 2 fucks about lovers.

Tell that to Bethesda then mate because bethesda games are the only games I have ever purchased that do not work when you purchase them, xbox one both digital and physical steam and copy on pc and none operate if you don't play offline. You say private problem I say faulty products, because I could run games like the witcher 3 no problem on both. I can literally play anything else on earth with no issue but skyrim and buy ESOM Gold.Sounds just like you do not know what you are referring to, you will find pages on bethesdas site where countless folks have had exactly the same issue.
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