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TESO Blades Gold has been some time because I found a guy who goes directly to being a self righteous ass hole from the get go. I am aware it is a free game, which reality doesn't ensure it is totally free from criticism. Especially when it was announced as a The Elder Scrolls Blades encounter on a mobile device, and you could hardly even play it because you've chests you can't eliminate, take some time to open, have a limited stock, can only open one at a time, and also would be the only halfway good way to gain materials that are essential to make any improvement from The Elder Scrolls Blades. However, I am just a ass hole that likes whine about it and to feel like they've been wronged.

Everyone knows it's a free game. You didn't have to mention that you knew about it. However, what you do not seem to know is that every game requires hours to start a chest. At which ESOM Gold is possible to open a chest in 1 second this isn't skyrim. "Limited inventory space". Well what else did you expect? Each Of The Elder Scrolls Blades has limited inventory space for your protagonist.Okay so for starters, you mentioned in your first answer that it's a free to play sport and continue to do so, if everybody knows it is a free to play with game why keep mentioning it? You complete troglodyte, As it's a key part of the argument. Secondly no, I did because I am not an absolute numbskull expect microtransactions in a game that is totally free to play. The problem is that the only way to earn any sort of progress in The Elder Scrolls Blades would be to pay for it.

Once Bethesda didn't set out to earn a fantastic match, they made a match they can make money off of easily, since re-selling Skyrim 1 occasions wasn't enough. And the whole limited stock space argument doesn't make sense because this is NOT a real rpg such as Skyrim and oblivion, and the chests are STUCK in your inventory that is LIMITED, and therefore are the only means to get any helpful gear. This is the last response I'm making to you and I will not be reading any of your answers because you really clearly do not have a fair understanding of what makes a fantastic game or a reasonable experience for consumers imo, and this dialogue is going no where. Have a good day.
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