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Glad to see Torchlight fortnite items getting produced! Looking forward to hearing more, and playing it one day!If you're open to ideas, here's one for shifting between multiple outfits. How about an"outfit slot", which acts like a container that can hold one full set of gear. Your stock has three or two costume slots and your stash can hold much more, letting you carry a few choices at one time and keep the rest in storage. Equipping a costume slot swaps all of the items you're wearing with those in the container; the swap is instantaneous in cities and hubs, but in hostile areas it delays you briefly or is on a lengthy cooldown.Store purchases or subscription rewards, if you're going that route, might consist of extra outfit slots, as well as possibly a cosmetic outfit slot that doesn't give any stats but overrides the visual appeal of almost any other outfit you're wearing. You might also have screen dummies for the player housing that may equip outfits in different poses.

A means to give Torchlight Frontiers a few legs is to have an award display that shows all the medals that the player has got. Particularly if you find yourself with a major gold bonus / reward for performing the hardest ones, such as"full x frontier wearing the wrong armour" etc..

I'm just replaying Torchlight 1 and buy fortnite items. I must say I am somewhat worried about gameplay in this new Torchlight. For me personally 6 buttons is among the principal difficulty in here and at D3. It makes builds dull quickly. I really don't feel like I can build something special with this significant limitation. Even Torchlight 1 now, feels a little more creative and unique about gameplay. PS: Art style feels much more cartoonish. UI feels like a cellular game a little, and I know it's because of consoles, but yeah... I wish to find out more unique things here. I would really like to find strategies for champion enemies. This fight vs winner was just average - not arousing.
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